How to Change Your Eye Color to Blue, Green, Red, Hazel

The color of the eyes is one of the things that most among us , notice at first glance. Eye color is the most attractive thing that humans have. Some people predict the personality traits by seeing just eye color. Nature has created wonders and eye color is one of them. Everyone has different shade of eye color and there are uncountable different shades. Eye shades are something that is determined by our genes.

Although the original eye color what anyone have, is mostly best suited with the skin tone but some people are not satisfied with their eye shade. You may be one among them and planning to change the color of the eyes. Although it is difficult to change your eye color permanently slightly you can temporarily change the color or manage a little in lightening the color of eyes.

As said above, the color of your eyes is genetic. Each person has unique eye color and your genes are responsible for the color you have. It is a combination of different genes from different generations resulting in three main types of color, Brown, blue and green. Brown eyes is the most common color followed by blue and green. Our eye color changes as we grow older. Color can lighten as we age.

Melanin is the basic substance that determine our eye color. Newly born baby has mostly very light blue eyes, because of the fact that they have not developed melanin. Which color you see in your eyes , largely depends on your on the quantity of melanin your body have like , if your body has more melanin, you are more likely to have brown eyes. Green eyes are generally an indication of medium while blue eyes are of low melanin. Therefore it is not easy to change eye color permanently but can slightly change temporarily.

How to Change Your Eye Color to Blue, Green, Red, Hazel

How to Change Your Eye Color

Although it’s not easy to change eye color permanently of course. You have to undergo a surgery if you are planning to change your eye color permanently. But remember, an eye is a delicate organ, therefore, you have to be careful to alter it.

Change Your Eye Color to Blue, Green, Red, Hazel

If you want to change your eye color not permanently , then there are some methods, by using them, you can alter your eye color to some extent. But this change will not come. Change in eye color must be gradual. If someone recommend you any method that can cause sudden eye change, or you become sudden change in your eye color then you should worry about it. It may be a symptom of a serious illness therefore have to look for the medication with immediate effect.

Natural ways to change your eye color

Here are some methods, with help of which you can change your eye color temporarily.

Color change with your emotions

Sounds weird but true. The color of your eyes change as your mood swings. Our body produce different hormones as our state of mood changes like if you’re happy, your body produces a hormone that causes the pupil of the eye to enlarge the most vibrant eyes.

Color change with Contact lenses

To use contact lenses is the most easy and convenient way to change your eye color temporally. Blue eye color is considered as a symbol of beauty. Most celebrities usually have the blue or green eyes obtained from the use of colored contact lenses.

Color change with your diet

Yes, its effective. The food we intake is responsible for the production of hormones. There are some hormones such as norepinephrine and serotonin which are responsible for monitoring the physical response of the body’s organs. These hormones causes the expansion of pupil and expanded eyes appear lighter for some time.

  • There are some foods that are more effective in this regard. Honey is generally used as a natural way to treat to the eyes. In some parts of the globe, it is still used to treat different kinds of eye allergies. Raw honey has been placed in eyes as an anti-bacterial agent. Raw Beech honeydew is one type that can work wonders in changing your eyes color.
  • You can use pure honey and water to change your eye color from dark to hazel color. Simply take equal proportion of honey and light warm water and then mix until it drops in the eyes. Place two or three drops of a mixture of pure honey with water in each eye twice a day. Remember, it will take time.
  • Honey can change jet-black eyes color into a medium brown and with golden light brown specs. Diluted honey is the best to use in order to lighten your eyes.
  • Raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which is not only an antiseptic agent but naturally inhibits melanin production also. It is also used for skin bleaching purposes and help in reducing the dark pigment of the eye.
  • Chemically produced or laboratory hydrogen peroxide may harm your eyes, so be careful, it can cost you eyesight.

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