Alexandria’s Genesis: Purple Eyes Mutation Real or Fake

Alexandria's Genesis aka purple eyes mutation real or fake. Were Elizabeth Taylor eyes really violet? What Wikipedia says, is it possible to have Purple Eyes? Get answers to all your questions.

What is Alexandria's Genesis Syndrome?

Alexandria’s Genesis a.k.a violet eyes is a genetic mutation that is believed to produces super human being. The characteristics of Alexandria's Genesis disease in people born with the mutation make them the perfect human beings, with little or no biological disturbances.

Alexandria’s Genesis is the genetic mutation that changes eyes color to violet, purple, ,blue or gray following the six months of birth.

Alexandria's Syndrome Origin

Alexandria's Genesis history dates back to the year 1015 in ancient Egypt. A supernatural light appeared in the sky and anyone exposed to it developed purple eyes with pale skin. Those people were taken as spirit people who eventually disappeared.

However, the first medically recorded incidence of Alexandria's Genesis syndrome was in 1329 in England. A girl named Alexandria Augustine was born with purple eyes. Due to the rarity of Violet Eyes, her mother was frightened that the child is under some witch spell. She brought Alexandria to the village priest, who named the anomaly as Alexandria's Genesis. Alexandria grew up and later given birth to girls with the same purple eyes. She lived well over 100 years of age. The actual gene that causes this Alexandria's Genesis disease was discovered in the 1960s.

Alexandria's Genesis, Purple Eyes Mutation Real or Myth

Alexandria's Genesis, Purple Eyes Mutation Real or Myth

Alexandria's Genesis Characteristics

Regardless of Alexandria's Genesis disease facts & myth, it is believed to have a variety of characteristics including shimmering white skin that is immune to burning or tanning. Women are said to carry this mutation and it is said to affect those with black or blue hair more often. It is claimed that those with this mutation can live up to 130-150 years with aging stopping around 50, they do not gain weight and have a good figure no matter how much they eat, rarely digest and are immune to most diseases so they rarely become ill. This mutation is said to affect Caucasians more often but interracial children may experience this mutation if they get it from multiple genes.

We have consulted experts on genetic engineering and human physiology on Alexandria's Genesis hoax. Below is our list of Alexandria's Genesis disease symptoms with the reality check. Please click on the title to expand the details:

Purple eyes color with extremely fair skin that does not burned or tanned. The eyes are either gray or blue at birth but should have morphed completely into purple shades by the end of the first year. By puberty, it should be a distinct deep purple color. It's a real fact.

Black or dark brown hair color. People with Alexandria's Genesis do not develop any other hair apart from that which they are born with. That is hair on their heads, eyelashes, and inside the nose. This gives them the advantage of not dealing with shaving as hair will not grow where it does not exist before puberty. It's just a myth.

Speaking of puberty, it is said that the women with Alexandria's Genesis do not menstruate even though they are indeed fertile and can have normal children. Alexandria had four girls all of whom also had the mutation. It is clearly a false myth. However, you can stop your period for a day or few. You can shorten your periods too. But you can not avoid period at all. Human female fertility without menstruation is not possible. It's just a myth.

They possess incredibly strong immune systems that are resistant to any disease known to man and consequently have really long life spans going up to 170 years of age. Alexandria died at the age of 150 years and was never sick for any day in her entire life. They also tend to appear younger by 5-10 years than they really are, they age slowly, with the aging process reduced after the age of 25 and they stop aging altogether at the age of 40-50. It's just a myth.

They have well organized and proportioned bodies, never gain weight and pass little or no waste. Their metabolism ensures that everything taken in is utilized and they surprisingly stay fit. Added to this is their vision that stays this way even as they grow older and remains perfect to their death. It's just a myth.

The most bizarre trait of Alexandrias Genesis is no excretion of digestive wastes. Clearly, this characteristic is not realistic according to human physiology. Non-excretion of waste materials results in extreme toxicity of the blood, leading to death. It's clearly false.

The mutation manifests itself mostly in Caucasian women, and women are the primary carriers. The children of these women are also known to carry the mutation and it does not skip generations, instead of getting stronger with each generation. Even with interracial children, the mutation still appears and the children will still be very fair complexioned as they tend to take on a more Caucasian look. And even when the interracial children were to marry someone non-Caucasian, the resultant offspring would still carry the mutation and exhibit the characteristics. It's just a myth.

Alexandria's Genesis Real or Fake?

There has been much debate that is Alexandria's Genesis real or fake? It seems as though Alexandria's Genesis Mutation is the result of an urban legend since no one with this disorder appears to exist today so far as the scientific community is aware. It also seems as though this condition could exist or it may have existed in the past, leading to further speculation. Is Alexandria’s Genesis real or just fictional? What is the story behind it?

Alexandria’s Genesis or purple eye mutation is considered a genetic mutation that causes the eyes to turn from blue or gray to purple for around the following six months after they have been born. During puberty, the color is said to deepen to a royal or violet-blue purple and remain this dark purple way, but will not affect the person’s ability to see. Those that have this mutation are said to never grow pubic, facial, body or anal hair excluding that on the top of their head, ears, eyebrows, eyelashes, and noses. Some also say that women with this condition are fertile but do not menstruate.

Is Alexandria's Genesis Real or Fake?

Does Alexandria's Genesis really exist? Yes, it rarely exists. Alexandrias Genisis is the result of a genetic mutation. However, there is no way a single mutation could affect many aspects of the human body all alone in such a positive manner. All of the areas affected by Alexandria’s genesis are controlled in reality by many different genes. The traits of Alexandria’s Genesis appear to be too widespread to be part of a single gene, which means they would have to stem from several unrelated genes. Some of the traits associated with this disorder are physiologically impossible.

Therefore, Alexandria’s Genesis eye mutation is real but it's super human characteristic are false. Technically, it is possible to have purple eyes through a severe lack of eye pigmentation for example in albinism.

Purple Eyes color is extremely sensitive to sunlight, a trait that would not be pleasant in the sunny! To have purple eyes without being sensitive will need a whole new color of pigmentation altogether, possibly a reddish color.

Is Purple Eyes Mutation Real?

There is not enough scientific evidence to support the myth. However, technically real purple eyes mutation is possible as a result of severe lack of eye pigmentation (albinism). A lack of body hair could also be possible, but not as selective as with Alexandria's Genesis. Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome can result in a lack of body hair, but it only happens to women, and since women affected with this syndrome have no uteri, they are infertile.

Is Violet Eyes Mutation Real?

There is not enough scientific evidence to support the violet eyes mutation myth. However, in extremely rare cases violet eyes mutation could be real caused by abnormal eye pigmentation.

Alexandria’s Genesis Real Cases

There are not much-documented cases of Alexandria’s Genesis. The first recorded case of Alexandria's genesis was a woman named Alexandria Augustine in 1329 London. Her parents, upon realizing her most distinct feature, the purple eyes, decide that she must be possessed and take her to a priest, to have her exorcised. Luckily, the priest had heard of the mutation before and told the parents that nothing was wrong with their daughter. According to legend, after a flash of light over Egypt some odd thousand years ago, the people with purple eyes and very fair skin had appeared only to disappear north and were lost till Alexandria showed up.

Another mythical case is that Alexandria’s Genesis is originated in an article posted to a Daria fan fiction website in the late 1990’s by a teenager named Cameron Miquelon under the pseudonym Alexander Lamar Eldritch. Daria was an animated series on MTV which was spun off from Beavis and Butthead.

The original story is no longer online, but a 2001 capture of Alexandria's Genesis Book is available at the Internet Archive. The author wrote the description below as a "back story" to explain why her characters were written to have purple eyes. It began:

If you have read any of the statistics of my Daria-based fan fiction characters or any of my stories about those characters, you will have noticed that three of my characters (Raven, Rebecca, and Zia) have deep purple eyes. It’s not because they wear contacts in order to hide their real eye colors. It’s because of a genetic mutation called Alexandria’s Genesis. While it's clear Alexandria's Genesis originated as an element of fan fiction and is not a real medical condition, it is still unclear how this rumor made the transition from a silly story to a serious rumor.

It seems that the whole myth about Alexandria's Genesis is fake. There are no Alexandria genesis real cases on the record, providing evidence to any of it largely hoaxed characteristics.

Alexandria's Genesis Pictures

You might have seen Alexandria's Genesis pictures and images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and other internet or social media websites. Most of these photos are fake and made using makeup and contact lens tricks. However, here are few real Alexandria's Genesis pictures to show you how purple eye color mutation actually looks like:

Alexandrias Genesis Purple Eyes Syndrome Pictures
Alexandrias Genesis Pictures Violet Eyes Real or fake

Is it Possible to have Purple Eyes?

Alexandria’s Genesis a.k.a Purple Eye Disease is the genetic mutation wrongly believed to create super humans. However, one can to fake to have Alexandria's Genesis. Purple violet eyes are all that you want to have? Well, it is possible by turning eyes violet or purple using makeup with eye lens.

If you are wearing violet contact lenses or have naturally occurring violet eyes, you will want to accentuate them by choosing the most complementary colors. Knowing your undertones and what dominant color your eyes are will help you decide. Some people with violet eyes have gold flecks in the iris, some have blue flecks. If you have gold flecks as an undertone, use a golden or brown shadow and a dark brown eye shadow paired with a dark brown or black eyeliner.

This combination will make the color of your eyes pop and will hold anyone who views them captive. If your eyes have an undertone that is blue or green, use a purple shadow, any variant in this color hue will do, and pair the shadow with black eyeliner for a Wow effect that is sure to spark compliments and conversations.

Alexandria's Genesis in Media and Culture

In fact, Alexandria's Genesis was created when a young woman named Cameron Miquelon wrote a fanfiction (a super human fan-written story for an existing media) for a 1990s MTV television show called "Daria".

Did Elizabeth Taylor Eyes were really Violet Eyes?

Liz Taylor is one of the most discussed celebrity to have Violet Eyes caused by Alexandria's Genesis. But did Elizabeth Taylor violet eyes color was real or fake? Well, Elizabeth Taylor's eye color has been a hot topic during all her lifetime. Let's look into this Alexandria's Genesis Elizabeth Taylor case in detail to check whether Elizabeth Taylor has Alexandria's Genesis or not.

Liz Taylor won award for the films Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf (1962) and Cleopatra (1963). In both movies her eyes color was deep violet hue. This raised a debate, whether or not Elizabeth was wearing colored contact lenses. Yet, the colored contact lenses technology was commercially not available until 1983.

Therefore, it appears that indeed Elizabeth Taylor had violet eyes naturally. She was a wonderful personality, but superhuman biologically. Liz Taylor struggled with health problems for almost her entire life. Taylor had a spinal cord defect by birth. She also struggled with her weight. She died of illness on March 23, 2011 (age 79) at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles.

Cameron Aubernon Book on Alexandria's Genesis

In 2000, author Cameron Aubernon was writing a Daria fan fiction and thought it would be fun for some of her characters to have a genetic mutation she called Alexandria's Genesis. The characteristics of this mutation we have already listed above (purple eyes, no body hair, no menstruation yet still fertile, long lifespan, high metabolism), and as soon as Aubernon posted it online, they internet took over and it spread like wildfire. Since then Aubernon has explained and dispelled the myth on her blog.

Alexandria's Genesis Wikipedia Page

You will get articles on Alexandria's Genesis on websites like NewHealthGuide and Snopes. However, you won't be able to find Alexandria's Genesis on Wikipedia or WebMD. In case you are wondering why Alexandria's Genesis disease not on Wikipedia? here is the answer.

Wikipedia is a user generated wiki websites with online editors that scrutinize the material published on it. Alexandria's Genesis wiki page on Wikipedia has been removed by Hyperdeath, one of the editors. His real name is "Chris Benton". He is a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Bath. Please find below his editorial remarks about the deletion of Alexandria's Genesis Wikipedia entry:

I deleted this part because it appears to be some really cheesy legend spreading. The "Alexandria's Genesis" nonsense seems to be back. I have removed some ridiculous (and needless to say, completely unsubstantiated) claim about people with violet eyes not getting sick and living to 100.

Alexandria’s Genesis Truth and Final Words

There is no discrete survey data available on how many people have Alexandria's Genesis disease at the moment. Nonetheless, Some people are convinced that Alexandria’s Genesis exists. They present the case study of famous actress Elizabeth Taylor's violet eyes as an evidence to substantiate the claim.

The second argument in favor of Alexandria’s Genesis is Hutchinson–Gilford's Progeria syndrome (HGPS). It is an extremely rare genetic disorder that results in aging at very early age. The theory is, if HGPS can cause very fast aging, leading to shorter lives, the reverse mutation could potentially cause longer lives.

It is true that Alexandria’s Genesis exists medically. But medical research and scientific data on genetic engineering, available to date does not support its mythological features except Eye Color differences.
  • Violet or Purple eyes are technically possible through severe lack of eye pigmentation (e.g. albinism). But it makes eyes extremely sensitive and vulnerable to sunlight, rather that giving any biological advantage, as the Alexandria genesis myth perpetrates.
  • Fair skin that resists burning is also impossible because the only way to protect the skin is by the presence of melanin that makes the skin darker.
  • Lack of body hair is also possible due to the medical condition like "Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome". However, women affected with this syndrome are infertile, as they develop no uteri.
  • One could not fail to produce waste because toxins would build up in the body, causing death.
  • Long lifespan and high metabolism are also highly unlikely. Anyone with such a high metabolism would have an extremely high body temperature that would not be medically possible. The maximum medically recorded age is 122 years. Therefore, 150 years lifespan is also not possible.

Finally, imagination is powerful than intelligence. It seems like sometimes imagination becomes powerful than reality too. It is a fun thing to have people with Alexandria's Genesis and all its mythological benefits, in fiction and comic books.

However, humans are born with billion of genes having extremely complex organ systems. Yet, all evolved from a single cell. Mutations occur all the time. Who knows what the future!